Keeping Trees and Plants Happy During a Dry Winter

After this year’s unseasonably warm no-snow November here in Denver, and with no significant precipitation forecasted in the near future, our outdoor plants need our help!

In the video below, City Floral Greenhouse Manager, Hannah, talks about what you can do to help keep your plants healthy and happy, as well as how to keep Christmas trees fresh and safe during this time.

If you want more tips on winter watering, and the effects that winter drought conditions can have on your plants and trees, the Colorado State University Extension program has a great winter watering resource on their website. There is also a link to a printable .pdf document at the bottom of this page.

From the CSU Extension site:


  • Water trees, shrubs, lawns, and perennials during prolonged dry fall and winter periods to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant.
  • Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees F with no snow cover.
  • Established large trees have a root spread equal to or greater than the height of the tree. Apply water to the most critical part of the root zone within the dripline.

The result of long, dry periods during fall and winter is injury or death to parts of plant root systems. Affected plants may appear perfectly normal and resume growth in the spring using stored food energy. Plants may be weakened and all or parts may die in late spring or summer when temperatures rise. Weakened plants also may be subject to insect and disease problems.

CSU Resource:

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