Late Winter Gardening in Denver

In mid-to-late February, when it’s still cold and snowy in Denver, many of us are longing for the warmer days of spring. The days when we’ll be out in our gardens with our hands in the soil. Although February might not be the best time to plant, it is the perfect time to plan.

Continue reading for some late-winter gardening tips and tasks.

Choose your seeds

Planning out your garden can be a welcome distraction from the winter doldrums that often accompany February and March. If you’re planning on growing some of your plants from seed, now is the time to buy the varieties you want, as planting should begin soon. Depending on what seeds you choose, you generally want to plant them 6-8 weeks prior to the average last frost date (mid-May in Denver). The back of the seed packets should tell you everything you need to know.

City Floral Garden Center has a handy seed planting calendar to help with timing on some common plants. Get it HERE.

Pick up fresh supplies

Before starting your seeds indoors, there are a few things to consider, and some items to pick up from your local garden center:

Soil: There are soils which are specifically formulated for seed growing. These soils help support the germination process, and give baby roots the ideal balance of nutrients, moisture, and air.

We recommend Fertilome’s Seed and Cutting Mix, which we stock all year.

Containers: Your local garden center will have a few container options for seed starting, and even complete germination kits. If you plan on using old or recycled containers, be sure to scrub and sanitize them first.

Location: In order for seeds to germinate successfully, they need a warm (70°+) and bright location. If you don’t have a location that supplies both of these important factors, you’ll need…

Heat Mat: There are special heated mats that are placed under the seeding containers. They keep the growing babies at the ideal temperature.

Grow Light: A grow light or two might be helpful or even necessary to ensure all your seedlings grow up big and strong, even with a lack of sunshine.

City Floral Garden Center carries all of the supplies above, and we bet you’ll find even more supplies that will help you successfully grow your own plants from seeds.

Spring Prep clean-up

February is a great time for a yard clean-up (weather permitting), as well as pruning trees and shrubs.

When there’s not a blanket of snow on the ground, rake up leaves and debris from your lawn, so the grass can more easily access the sunshine and air.

For trees and shrubs, first cut off any broken, diseased, or dead branches, and then prune for style and growth.

For more in-depth information on pruning, you can check out this resource from the CSU Extension program.

water thirsty lawns and landscapes

Although winter is dormant season for plants, they still need some hydration-help when Mother Nature isn’t providing enough (as is common in Colorado).

You can hand water your trees, shrubs, and lawn when there’s no snow cover, and the temperature rises above 40° F. The ideal time  for watering this time of year is midday.

As always, City Floral Garden Center is here for you every step of the way. If you have questions, please stop by and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. We are open 7 days a week, all year-round. 1440 Kearney St, Denver. Happy planting!

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