July Gardening Tips & To-do’s

Gardening in July is where the fun happens. Everything has been planted and is looking stunning (hopefully). Now’s the time to make sure your flowers stay blooming, your vegetables are ready for harvest, and your garden stays beautiful with a couple of helpful tips from City Floral. We’ve compiled a few important gardening to-do’s and […]

Sensory Gardens

child touching lavender City Floral Garden Center - Denver

Gardening for Your Senses A sensory garden is different than most gardens in that it’s designed to engage all of our senses in one space. By incorporating different types of plants, and elements such as stone, wood, water, wind chimes, etc. a sensory garden becomes an immersive  experience. They can be themed, divided into sections, or […]

August Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

August gardening can be different across the United States. In the north the annual and veggie gardens are winding down. Not here in Colorado, there is plenty of gardening time still available to us. We put together 4 gardening tips and to-do’s that you can do in August that will help keep your garden going […]

Top 5 Perennials & Annuals for Pollinators

National Pollinator week is in full swing and the pollinators are all awake and out there buzzing around. Collecting nectar isn’t the only thing they do, they also carry the ever-essential pollen from flower to flower, helping them to pollinate and create more flowers! Which is why it’s important for us to support pollinators like […]

Guide to Container Gardening in Denver

You’re starting to work on your garden but you feel like a newbie about container gardening. Look no further! If you’re an experienced gardener looking for a quick refresher, check in. Here is your concise guide to container gardening, courtesy of City Floral Garden Center! Maybe you don’t have a yard or you have limited […]

Learn How to Select the Right Variety of Pansies for Your Garden

Who doesn’t love pansies? They’re friendly, colorful, beautiful, and (best of all) great for growing in the Colorado climate! If you’re looking for a flower to brighten up your garden, consider planting pansies. With myriad varieties to choose from, one may be more suited for your garden than another. Here’s what makes each of our […]

Options for Adding Texture to Your Garden

Have you ever looked down at your patio garden or backyard garden and thought something was missing? It’s probably a lack of texture in your garden. Often, new gardeners may fall in love with just one or two types of plants and exclusively add them to their new garden. This results in one big mass […]

Alternative ‘Thriller’ Options in Your Patio Pots

Typical container design has three elements: Thriller, Filler, and Spiller. Thrillers are the focal element of your container gardening; Fillers add bulk around the base of your Thriller to fill in the ‘empty space’; and Spillers add a soft touch to the final container look by adding cascading plants around the pot edges. Today we’ll […]

3 Ways to Help Prevent Downy Mildew in Ornamental Impatiens

Impatiens are beautiful flowering plants that add bright color to your garden and are relatively easy to care for. Sadly, a new and deadly plant fungus that is specific to ornamental impatiens has emerged recently in the US that is called downy mildew. Downy mildew can present itself as yellow spots or what looks like […]