January Gardening to-do’s

January gardening can be a bit limited due to frigid temperatures and snow. That why now is the best time to plan and get prepared for spring. Creating a plan can help envision plants’ placement based on the amount of sun they need, how big or small they grow, or what type of plant they […]

December Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

December gardening is a unique experience because there isn’t much outside work that is necessary. For a good reason because of the bitterly cold weather. The best tasks for December are taking care of those houseplants, planning for your spring gardening, and of course, decorating for the holidays. To help you determine the essential gardening […]

Drunken Paperwhites: Growing the best Paperwhites this Holiday

Drunken Paperwhites are simply Paperwhites Narcissus with a shot of alcohol. Usually just called Paperwhites, these are the easiest bulbs to grow indoors. Paperwhite can grow to be quite tall and top-heavy, resulting in floppy foliage and drooping flowers. To prevent this from happening simply get your paperwhites “drunk.” The Flowerbulb Research Program at Cornell […]

November Gardening to-do’s

November gardening is more about prevention, protection, and preservation of your plants than planting new ones. Plants during winter go dormant, and there is very little growth happening in the garden. Making sure you are prepping your garden is critical in November. That way, you will be more prepared when the snow starts to melt […]

October Gardening to-do’s

October gardening is often our favorite time to garden. The weather is cooler, the colors are just as bright, and we love planning for next year. You may find that your garden beds are looking pretty thin and are in desperate need of some color. Simply taking an assessment of your garden now and getting […]

Flower Bulbs: How to Choose and Plant Bulbs

Flower bulbs are always a big deal come fall. It’s the last little bit of gardening left to do before the freezing cold temperatures, flying snow, and plants go dormant. We love planting bulbs because when the first one blooms it helps usher in the first signs of spring each year. The crocus or snowdrops […]

September Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

September gardening tasks are a necessity in order to make sure that your garden is prepped for the long cold winter months ahead. Surprisingly while some areas of your garden are getting ready to close for the year, others are still thriving.  We put together some important to-do’s that you can do in September to […]

Favorite, Unique and Notable Bulbs

Planting bulbs is easy, fun, and extremely rewarding.  With so many bulbs to choose from, we’ve highlighted a few bulbs that are either incredibly unique, amazingly beautiful, or have unique characteristics that will appeal to both the expert as well as the beginner gardener. Once our weather finally cools (but, before it freezes), is when […]

Paperwhites for the Holidays

Paperwhites! Grow these sparkling white flowers indoors for a holiday tradition with a long history. Flower lovers have been growing pots of paperwhites for several centuries! They add such spicy fragrance to holiday rooms. Easy to Grow and Blooms Quickly They are easy to plant and bloom quickly, usually in 3-4 weeks. We offer ‘Ziva’ […]